A well equipped library is a paradise for students. It serves as store house of information related, to prescribed text books and beyond. The Purpose of the Library is to inculcate healthy reading habit amongst students. We are consistently enriching the treasury of books in our school library. The school library is well furnished and has a wide range of reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, fictions, non fictions, comics, autobiographies, Journals, magazines and news papers. All articles in the library are carefully scanned and selected to ensure the correct development of the students.


(To be displayed at the entrance of the school library)

1. Maintain absolute silence in the library.
2. Enter library only with a pen and a note book.
3. Follow the queue to receive and return the books.
4. Reference books cannot be borrowed and must be used only in the library during a library class after school hours.
5. Books lost/damaged/disfigured will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower
6. Books have been arranged and catalogued. They must be put back in the proper shelf, if you are not borrowing the same. It will help to keep the library in order.
7. Personal books/belongings are not supposed to be brought into the library.
8. Any child found damaging or defacing a library book would be debarred from using the library for a time period, which will be decided upon by the school authorities
9. No student may take books out of the library without the permission of the librarian.
10. It is mandatory for students to return the books before Holidays and the School Examination.
11. Do not tear pages of any book or periodical you read.
12. Do not underline or sideline in library books.
13. Maintain discipline and decorum.
14. Help the librarian in taking, replacing books, in preparing scrap books.
15. Examine all the pages of the book you borrow or take to read in library for damaged pages and missing pages and report to librarian.
16. Keep brief record of books you read with important points and short summaries.
17. Read display board items and note down points.
18. Wait for your turn while the librarian issues and takes back books.
19. Read the spines of books displayed in shelves, at least a few everyday you go to library.
20. The due date for returning the books is 7 days later from the date of issue.
21. Students should return books on /within the due dates, failing which a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged.